Nov 19

Invited Lecture by Niek van Hulst

van hulst 2006 Over the last years, the OSA student chapter in Erlangen arranged several invited lecturer events. Among the distinguished speaker that we hosted were, for example, Prof. Jonathan P. Dowling from the Louisiana State University, who was talking about novel quantum technologies and quantum,interference effects, as well as Prof. Bahram Javidi from the University of Connecticut, who was introducing the audience to the fascinating field of 3 dimensional imaging.

This year, In continuation of this series, we were more than happy to host Prof. Niek van Hulst from the Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO) in Barcelona on Tuesday, November 18th. Prof. van Hulst is a distinguished lecturer, who is well known for his contributions to nano-antennas and single molecule photonics. The title of his lecture was “Antennas for Light: Pushing the fast and the small” and was presented in the large seminar room at MPL.

We were overwhelmed by the large number of attendees at the lecture and we are sure that this not only due to our invitation to stay for an informal reception with free beverages, soup and sandwiches following the lecture, but mainly due to Prof. van Hulst’s inspiring and entertaining talk.

Some impressions of the traveling lecturer event can be found in the gallery.  

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