Jul 21

School Outreach – How science really works



On May 22nd we conducted a school outreach activity with the title “Wie funktioniert Grundlagenforschung”  (i.e. ‘How science really works’). The event was carried out at the Ohm Gymnasium in Erlangen where about 30 pupils attended the presentation.


You can get some impressions in the gallery.


The basic idea of the presentation was to explain how scientific results are really produced. Among the questions we addressed in our presentation are: How can novel scientific result be found? Who are the people behind the results? What steps have to be taken before a result is finally published and how is all that actually financed?

To underpin our explanations, we brought an actual experimental setup from our labs to the classroom that allows to compare the aforementioned steps with this real world example. In this experiment the fluorescence pattern of single excited molecules is imaged and characterized via a microscope.

We hope we could raise the pupils interest in science, and quantum optics in particular, and hope they enjoyed the event as much as we did.

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