Jun 21

Physics and beyond – working as a physicist in consulting


After graduation, not all physicists follow the path of research. Talking about alternatives to a career at universities, two physicists share their insights about the work of a consultant.




There are various career opportunities after graduating from university, not only in jobs directly related to physics.
Giving students the posibility to gain insights in one interesting field of applied research, Physicist Bastian Schröter and his colleague told their side of the story exploring the world of a consultant at McKinsey. With an interesting short seminar coupled to an extensive Q&A session, around 40 students enjoyed the chance to ask about all sides of the work of a consultant.
Afterwards, the lively discussion was carried on for hours over drinks and fingerfood, as students from all levels (bachelors, masters and PhDs) shared their different views of career-paths and possibilites beyond the university