Nov 01

Report on field trip to Zeiss and Trumpf


We organized a field trip to Oberkochen and Ditzingen in the end of July, visiting the two optics companies Carl Zeiss SMT and Trumpf. More than 40 participants, PhD students in various optics related fields and undergraduate students, enjoyed several tours and demonstrations.
The participants gained insight into the research and production facilities of the two companies, were introduced to the next generation of optical lithography for the semiconductor industry and learned about the conceptual differences between industry and academia that await optics students after their bachelor/master/PhD thesis.

The trip concluded after eight hours of industry experience with a welcome get-together at the restaurant Ochs’n Willi in Stuttgart with further discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some impressions of the field trip can be viewed in the gallery.

More information can be found in the previous announcement post.



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